Climate Change

A global challenge that requires a global solution.

Recognizing forests as a key frontline defense against climate change, we believe that the restoration and protection of forests must be a global priority. As part of our strategy, we're proud to be supporting the achievement of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


Our Public Benefit Charter

“To develop technology and strategic partnerships to help indigenous communities and equatorial governments build positive value around their forest based ecosystems, whilst protecting their forests from illegal and unsustainable exploitation.”

In 2018, we successfully converted to a public benefit corporation (PBC). 

In contrast to a C-Corporation which exists to maximize profitability and shareholder return, a PBC must prioritize doing public good within its corporate charter, allowing us to prioritize a specific “public benefit” over immediate shareholder interests. 

As a result, our mission is aligned around developing the best technology available and getting it into the hands of the stakeholders that need it the most, for the lowest possible price.


Andrew Dudley
Founder & CEO
Earth PBC