Mayan Biosphere, Guatemala: Travelling with Tom Bedell owner of the Two Old Hippies Guitar Company of Bend, Oregon, USA as we field test our smartphone based traceability system for tropical hardwood. 

Through TreeTAG Mr Bedell's customers will soon be able to track the mahogany necks of their guitars right back to the parent tree the wood came from and even learn about the logger who cut the tree and the community he or she represents. 

Beyond closing the current disconnect between consumers and forest communities, we believe that such a level of transparency can help forest communities such as Custosel to differentiate their sustainably harvested trees from the illegal black market timber that is flooding the market and depressing global prices.

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If you're a dynamic, talented, and passionate person who'd like to explore the world and help governments and industry remove illegally logged tropical hardwood from the global supply chain, then please drop us a line at: jointheteam @