Building Positive Value Around Forests.

FOREST+ digitizes the timber chain of custody, from the forest to the mill. 

Simple and easy-to-use, FOREST+ offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for forestry concessions and
government agencies to ensure legality and compliance with timber harvest regulations.


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Simple & effective

The FOREST+ Web App & Dashboard

 Traceability Mobile Application and Web App

Dashboard for summary of activities across  multiple AOIs

 Project details with overview, maps, details, and time-series satellite imagery and field-collected data

 Analytics & Reporting

FOREST+ Mobile App

Forest+ is an advanced smartphone and satellite based land-use and resource tracking system. Designed for governments, indigenous communities and industry alike, the Forest+ platform works to verify the legality and sustainability of forest based commodities.


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User Dashboard


Harnessing our revolutionary social supply chain technology, Forest+ establishes a trusted digital network around recognised communities, where, instead of just tracking the flow of  commodities we track the relationships through which the commodities flow. Thus establishing trust and accountability around the individual.

Our Technology

Building positive value around forests, we've developed three services to help strengthen, governance, and supply chain traceability to protect forests from illegal and unsustainable exploitation.



Daily monitoring of forests with monthly reporting. 


Commodity and asset verification in support of international standards, such as FSC and REDD+


 Social supply chain tracking technology across multiple commodities