Building Positive Value Around Forests.

FOREST+ digitizes the timber chain of custody
from the forest to the mill. 

FOREST+ is a forestry management platform combining the latest in smartphone and satellite technologies. Simple and easy-to-use, FOREST+ offers an efficient & cost-effective solution for forestry concessions, industry, and government agencies to:

►  Ensure legality and compliance with timber harvest regulations

►  Simplify the management and monitoring of valuable forest resources

►  Provide "First Mile Assurance" (patent pending) for all forest resources entering the supply chain



forestry, simplified.

The FOREST+ Mobile and Web Applications

 Simplified forest inventory, monitoring & auditing

Dashboard summary of activities: identity, time, date, and location are recorded for all activities

 Project details with overview, maps, details, daily satellite imagery and field-collected data

 Analytics & Reporting

There’s a huge opportunity on a global scale to modernize forestry management, which in turn promotes increased transparency and more sustainable practices.
— Andrew Dudley, Earth Observation CEO

Our Technology

Our proprietary mobile & web applications help strengthen governance to protect forests from illegal and unsustainable exploitation. We identify all actors and activities within the system, thus building accountability around the individuals and the organizations that they belong to.


benefits of FOREST+

► Streamline your existing workflow and processes

► Perform a comprehensive forest inventory in less than half the time

► Customize the data parameters that your team needs for field data collection

► Obtain better and more accurate data, improving transparency and decision-making



The FOREST+ Mobile App

works completely offline

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Improved Inventory

► Registration of individual assets

► Collect detailed information for each tree

► Identity, time, date, location, photos

► Tree species, quantity, volume

► Building trust and accountability around the individual


Detailed Harvests

► Comprehensive harvest log and reports

► Species, quantity, volume for every tree

► Detailed record of users & activities

► Increased transparency of information

►Reduce the time & cost of harvest operations

HarvestPOI's (2).png

Enhanced Auditing


► Standardized field data collection

► Detailed reporting and statistics

► Request and review field inspections

► Digital compliance assessment tool

►Reduce time and cost of field inspections

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better Monitoring

► Field data collection and ground truthing

► Powerful web application

► Request and review field inspections

► Satellite monitoring and change detection

► Reduce administrative costs and field visits



The FOREST+ Web App

Real-time data visualization and analysis

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